Friday, 8 January 2010

Academy Award nominated writer William Nicholson offers his advice on writing for fantasy and his revue of 'Who's Afraid of the Water Sprite?'

I was lucky enough to meet up with William Nicholson the writer of Gladiator and some of my favorite childhood books including the Windsinger and Firesong at Guildford writers week. We chatted about our work and the art of writing fantasy.

In chating about writing for fantasy in contrast to writing for realism Mr Nicholson gave me these pearls of wisdon which I thought id share with you all:

'reality and fantasy aren't as different as you might think. For fantasy to have power it must be rooted in a strong sense of something the reader also recognises. The key here is power. Whatever mode of story telling you go for, it has to have power, and that power will come from your own emotional engagement. You have to build your stories out of a passion within you, whether it's longing or rage or love of justice or revenge.'

Mr Nicholson watched a copy of 'Who's Afraid of the Water Sprite?' after our meeting, he gave a great revue of the film describing the film as 'impressive, with a very clever twist'. It was great to get feedback from such a respected writer and incredible to know that he enjoyed the film.

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