Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Water Sprite goes to BAFTA qualifying MOLODIST Kiev International Film Festival & 21st ISTANBUL International Short Film Festival

Hi There,

My name is Poppy Solari and I am the Line Producer on "Who's Afraid of the Water Sprite?"

I know we haven't updated in a while but we have been very busy with our newest production BOVINE which is currently in post production. For more information on this why not check out the Directors blog at BOVINE BLOG . We have also been spending time on the promotion of "Who's Afraid of the Water Sprite?"

Will and myself are currently in Amsterdam after getting the train across Europe (1013 miles) to go to Warsaw International Film Festival to watch the screening of "Who's Afraid of the Water Sprite?." which was a great experience for both of us.

We then travelled to Copenhagen in Denmark to collect two 35mm prints of "Who's Afraid of the Water Sprite?" from Nordisk and we are currently en-route back to England. Both experiences were very exciting. Seeing the film projected on 35mm added to the already inherent fantasy atmosphere of the film. We were very please with the print and look forward to screening it at Molodist Kiev International Film Festival this month.

Molodist Kiev International Film Festival started in 1970 at the Karpenko-Kariy Kyiv Institute of Theatrical Arts as a 2-day festival where 33 students` films were presented. Now this young festival has turned into the week-long international scale festival and the amount of films presented is now increased 100 times! We are privileged to be part of such a highly acclaimed festival.

The Film has been selected for the inclusion in the International Student Competition Category and also will be competing with other pictures by talented directors from around the world from the Grand Prix for the best competition film and Best Short Film Award as will as other festival prizes. William Mcgregor will be flying out there this month to present the film.

The 21st ─░stanbul International Short Film Festival is one of the oldest festivals and has the highest turnover rate in Istanbul. Every year the festival welcomes over 12,000 spectators and guests from different countries around the world with its rich program of recognised short films. Who's afraid of the Water Sprite? has had been officially selected to screen at the festival between the 4th and 11th of November 2009. Evoke Films and all the crew are very excited as this is our 6th Festival and our 9th nomination!

We also have our official Movie Poster.

I think that is enough updating for now, I am off to enjoy Amsterdam!

Poppy Solari

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