Wednesday, 6 May 2009


After 16 months of hard work 'Who's Afraid of the Water Sprite?' is finally complete.  Every stage of production had its challenges, but having shot the film in July it felt as if post production would never end. 

The problem was grading the RED footage and conforming the online edit of the film. After months of failed attempts the Farm Group in Soho stepped in and helped us to finish the film, they provided us with all of their services, which are the best in the industry, for free. The fact that they are willing to help young filmmakers like us realise our vision is truly incredible. 

Without them we would not have a film, never mind a film polished to the outstanding quality that the Farm's colourist Joe Murphey was able to achieve. 

Now the film is complete the huge task of festival submissions is entering full swing.. expect news on a premiere soon!!  

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